Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Just Want To Cry….

Ok, I need to vent just a little bit. You know when you were a little kid and you broke something and your parents said, “We just can’t have anything nice, not while we have children anyway”. Well they really were telling the truth. Maybe it should be a rule to not to buy anything nice until your baby moves out to go to college or goes on a mission. I love my kids tremendously but today I feel as though I should be out of patience. Amazingly enough Heavenly Father must have known what was coming and knew I needed extra help for tonight.

I went downstairs to put Baby Mozart on for Gabe and when I turned the TV on I saw this.
IMG_0408 (Medium) IMG_0410 (Medium)

I immediately asked Jenna and Isaac what had happened since I knew for a fact they were the only two in the TV room today. Apparently as the story goes, Jenna was going to turn the TV on to watch a movie with Isaac and the TV didn’t turn on right away. (Which isn’t surprising because Jenna barley knows how to work the TV anyway.) So Isaac got mad (which he does do) and threw the XBOX controller at the TV.(We’re always working on his throwing things). Jenna did not see any reason to come and tell me though. I’m sure she was worried about the consequences of her and Isaac’s actions. Tonight when I found the TV in its current state. I had the patience to question the two responsible and get a fairly accurate account of what probably happened. I’m grateful that I only almost cried while talking to them instead of beating them.

For those of you who are wondering it doesn’t look like our Warranties cover 3 year old tantrums. Bummer!! I’m feeling much calmer since I told David and he didn’t freak out. I told him that I had something to tell him and I was about to cry so please not to yell or swear at me or I might lose it. He was great about the whole thing. Pretty disappointed but he understood how difficult it was for me to tell him his son broke his flat screen TV. I Love him so much for being the understanding man that he is.  I also know that we shouldn’t worry so much about our material things but when you pay for something like that it is hard not to care.

Thanks for letting me vent. Now off to do Bath’s and Bedtime. Yeah, I love bedtime especially on a day like today.

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