Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I really do enjoy the Fall when we have one. I went out to get some Fall pictures of the kids in the backyard and I was disappointed that the that had fallen are all still green no pretty yellows, reds and oranges this year in our pictures. Maybe if I get a chance this weekend we could drive up into the mountains and try again.
The girls were being silly of course and Isaac just wanted to throw leaves at Gabe or put them on his head. Gabe being his first time experiencing leaves just wanted to eat them like everything else he gets his hands on.

These Pictures are what we ended up with, Enjoy..


  1. Love the new background!!
    And the Pics I hate not going to church I feel so out of the loop.
    Gabe looks so grown up.
    I feel your pain. I know how you feel about your baby growing faster than you want him to.

  2. So sweet!! I love the pic's of the kids! What a great lookin bunch!