Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Happy Boy..

Today we found out that Gabe's tests did come back positive for mrsa so we are now waiting to find out if they are going to keep us another day on a new antibiotic or if we get to go home with and oral antibiotic. Since he tested positive for mrsa we have a caution sign on our door and everyone coming in has to wear a yellow gown. Crazy that my happy boy is now under a contamination lock down.
He is doing good though. All the nurses love him and say he's a great baby and they love having such a happy boy on their floor. Esspecially since the hospital is so full that half the peds floor now has Adults on it. One of our nurses really prefers children over adultsl, can't say I blame her. Kids are so much cuter. Esspecially mine. Anyway we'll try to keep you up to date. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes and thanks to all those helping with the other kids.

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  1. Quite an adventure~all during a major milestone in your life. Oh, well. Keep up the good work and get Gabe better!