Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gabriel Update...

For those of you who didn't know Gabe and I have spent the last two nights in the hospital. On Friday Gabe had a small boil on his upper lip which I was fairly unconcerned about. On Saturday it looked a lot worse so we called Doc Scott who put him on an antibiotic. On Monday it looked even worse so we took him into see Scott. Scott said it was to bad for him to fix and sent us to the ER. At the ER we had and ENT clean the infection out as good as he could then he had us admitted to the Hospital. We then proceeded to go to the PEDS floor where Gabe has been on IV Antibiotics ever since. We've been waiting for the test results to find out if he had Mersa or a Staff infection or something else. Today we found out that it was a Staff Infection and tomorrow they will prescribe an oral antibiotic for him and we should get to go home.

Other than being really tired Gabe and I are really doing well. Yesterday Gabe was very feverish and sleepy but today he's been happy and playful. We're looking forward to going home but we're very grateful for this to have been caught and not gotten any worse. Also we're grateful this happened this week and not next week when David is gone to start his new job.
In the picture above Gabe looks better than it did to begin with on Monday but today he looks even better. And the wraps on his arm are to keep his IV in if you were wondering.

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  1. Poor baby! I know that is not fun being stuck in the hospital but thank goodness for antibiotics! Hope Gabe continues to recover quickly. You're in our prayers.