Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jenna’s First Day in Kindergarten…

Today was Jenna’s first day at school. We all walked to the school together and Madison was very concerned for Jenna. Jenna was a little nervous to go but did great. I think if Madison would’ve quit telling everyone that Jenna was scared then Jenna would’ve felt better. I saw some worried tears when she was leaving to walk into the school but she went just fine all by herself. I was trying to get a good picture (without my shadow) but she said the sun was in her eyes and she couldn’t see. We went and picked her up and she loved it. She said she cried a little but then she had lots of fun.

Jenna's 1st Day K (2) (Medium)Jenna's 1st Day K (3) (Medium)Jenna's 1st Day K (4) (Medium)Jenna's 1st Day K (5) (Medium)Jenna's 1st Day K (6) (Medium)

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