Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Well, we had a fun 4th of July here in Idaho. Richard, Melinda, Sarah, & Josh came over and grilled steak and burgers with us for dinner. And then as we relaxed before the evening fireworks, the weather changed.

This is what we saw at our house with the light rain:

Fireworks 007 (Small)

And this is what they saw in Chubbuck:

Fireworks 010 (Small)

I’m sure Richard & Melinda will post more pictures of their July hailstorm. We saw several roads near their road that were blocked off by police due to flooding. After we watched them and their neighbors set off their fireworks, we headed up to the Jeppsen’s house to watch the fireworks from their backyard (thanks again, Jeppsens!). It was a good show, though a bit chilly for July (I think it was around 60 F). Here’s a few shots of the fireworks I took.


  1. Idaho weather...crazy! We did shredded beef sandwiches with watermelon and cake (it was a new recipe that the kids didn't like). We watched the fireworks from our driveway, though you couldn't hear the 'boom', Corinne missed that. Maybe next year we'll brave the crowds at the park...maybe. Happy Summer!!