Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Videos From Our Past...

Isaac is just doing a crazy dance. This is how dinner usually ends up. Everyone is either laughing or crying and sometimes both.

Isaac got some new underwear to start potty training (which mom is badly behind on) and he was so excited that he put several pairs on at once. Sorry 1/2 of it is sideways.

This was Easter weekend when we got the trampoline set up again. Katie and Jenna were doing flips. Madison is angry because she couldn't do it. She has since fixed that.

Sitting here updating the blog and Jenna come in and says "Mom, Katie says that you and dad love bones" I turned to look at her and she's holding a chicken leg bone in her hand and says " I saved this bone for you" Really the confusion is that we love the show Bones not actual bones. Just thought that was post worthy.

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